Volkswagen began in 1934 and was founded by Ferdinand Porsche meaning that Volkswagen has naturally maintained a relationship with Porsche. Volkswagen was introduced in 1934 with one goal and that goal was to design and produce a mini car which was for the people; a more affordable vehicle than any other which was on the market. This ‘people’s car’ was the VW Beetle, a car which is still very much popular today. The Beetle survived the Second World War and began expanding outside of Germany some 10 years after.

Since then Volkswagen have continued to expand, in the 90s they acquired Spanish car manufacturer ‘SEAT’ as well as Czech car manufacturer ‘Skoda’. However the 90s was not just a decade for expansion and VW were also receiving prestigious acknowledgements, one of which was winning the European Car of the Year award in 1992.

Whilst VW may have had a few image problems and set-backs, Volkswagen seems to have shook of its troubled past, and is now known as a desirable, reliable brand which has got a great deal to offer to the Auto Industry.

Over the years many people have fallen in love with the Volkswagen Beetle, not only is it a great car but it is also a statement. Just from looking at a few different websites you can tell that the Beetle is still a very popular car. Another famous vehicle that Volkswagen have given the world is the VW Campervan which became a very popular in the 60s. Online you can get newer versions of the campervan, or you could go for the more retro looking VW Campervan thanks to the used car market.