VW Brandalised

The issue of climate change has been getting a fair bit of media coverage of the last few weeks in the run up to the COP21 climate talks, now those very talks are under attack by an anonymous climate change activist group who have taken to the streets of Paris and launched a fake poster campaign. The campaign is responsible for the placement of 600 posters, which all use satire to highlight the hypocrisy by corporations who want to appear to be working toward a solution of the climate change whilst they are in fact part of the problem. In the light of the Volkswagen emissions scandal which still looms over the Automotive industry it is hardly surprising that the activists went after Volkswagen.Barnbrook_VW_z1_WEBDrive cleaner. Or just pretend to. That is the slogan used for a poster which features a picture of the Volkswagen Beetle is done very much in the style of genuine Volkswagen adverts, below the ad reads: “We lied about our emissions because we don’t car about climate change. But we’re not the only ones”.VW BrandalsAnother poster uses the headline “We’re sorry that we got caught; Now that we’ve been caught, we’re trying to make you think we care about the environment. But we’re not the only ones.” Yet more reason to feel guilty as a drive around in my second hand Volkswagen Amarok *sigh*, it is becoming increasingly hard to defend Volkswagen. Kind of annoying when you find out a car you thought was relatively environmentally friendly has the green credentials of a second hand Triumph Stag.